Hi  Alouise !

i would like to thank you for sending me class A fowls. i really like them a lot.
i have purchase other fowls from different and well known breeders but the ones i got from you meet my standards.
although i’m just a backyard breeder i want quality fowls and i got them from you even though we only spoke over the phone.

i would like to share with you an instance where i met an old lady,who is a neighbor, asked me where did i acquire my gamefowl, and when i told her that i got them from Alouise Gamefarm. the response was “Oh! Alouise, he’ an honest breeder and his fowls are good.” i was really surprise to hear that from a 70 or so year old lady.

anyways, once again i would like to thank you for the fowls you choose for me.
till my next order of fowls,

your friend in the sport,
ric chua

Peter Pio
Backyard breeder
Ballesteros, Cagayan
Fairview Quezon City

Boss Alouise,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude in giving me your valuable breeding stocks.. It was on the year 2010 when i first known Alouise gamefarm via the internet, the following year, i ordered a pair of popeye grey thru TELEPHONE and i was so amazed with the result, the offspring of the pair were awesome.. ferocious and brainy greys with a lots of power to burn..

My satisfaction is beyond compare, so i ordered again, white hens then hawk stag, brando stag and bf- hiact pullet.. It was on January 13,2012 when my dream of meeting the owner of the farm, Alouise, in person became a reality. It was a surprise on my part coz i never expected to be treated like somebody in his place. He even helped me in choosing my new broodstag… hehehe!

Verily, Alouise is such a very nice person with a very kind heart. thank you again boss j for sharing your excellent fowls..

I’ll visit Alouise gamefarm again in the future.. God Bless!

Dear Alouise,

My testimonial letter for you.

“I’m Dennis Tan, Sieger Farm of Brgy.Libato, San Juan, Batangas. I met Alouise through website and started communicating thru emails and text, i did not expect to meet such wonderful person, very professional, all the trio i purchased from him is personally picked by Alouise, i got a pure trio HIGH ACTION, pure trio POPEYE GRAY (the winning bloodline), and lately i got a pure trio WHITE KELSO plus one WHITE KELSO broodhen, it is worth every penny.

All i can say about Alouise is his professionalism, even though we never met personally, I can give my 100% trust in him, nowadays, you can rarely find someone you can trust like Alouise, very consistent in all the deals we made. He even shared to me his personal breeding of WHITE KELSO trio just to serve my request.

To you Alouise, hats off!!! Thank you very much for entrusting me your best bloodline! More business with you in the future! and more power! God Bless!!!


One of the KelsoXHi-Action offsprings won again 2 weeks ago. I am
glad to have bought my first Trio from you and the stags performed
just like you said. You’re one of the few honest breeders out there.
I plan to pick up another trio next time I’m back home.


Robert Serapio

Hi, Sir Alouise,

Good Day, My First Transaction With you Im Very Satisfied With the Quality Of Materials You Send. The Hi-Action Mcleans & Red Kelso Pullets, Even Through Emails You Send Me Quality Fowls, The Alouise Gamefarm.
Thanks Alot Joey For Sharing Some Of Your Best Stocks.
Best Regards And God Always With You & Your Families.


Hi, Sir Alouise,

thank you very much for the hospitality you showed us during our visit to your farm. I am very pleased with the stocks that i got from you. I am back in cali right now. Back to reality. Hope to visit ur farm in the near future. Til then, thank you.

Jo-em Ygnalaga
Dumaguete, Neg.Oriental

Hi, Sir Alouise,

Good day,

I would like to thank you for having a good transaction with you, i do hope i can make it again soon. By the way the birds are doing good, my father would like to thank you also. Once again thnk you and more wins to come Godbless Alouise Gamefarm.

Carlo Urbien